Clarity Sensitive Gel Cleanser

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A lightweight, oil free gel to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove excess oils and impurities. Featuring natural plant based extracts to comfort and calm the skin. Sulphate free formula leaves the skin conditioned and primed. 

Natural plant based extracts in the gel cleanser sensitive comforts and calms the skin. The sulphate free formula leaves the skin conditioned and primed. A lightweight gel cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove excess oil and impurities.

  • Gentle exfoliation ensures a deep cleanse of congested pores 
  • Clarifies and helps to restore skins natural balance 
  • Primes the skin for Hyaluronic Layering.

More Information
Key Ingredients Salicylic Acid
Product type Cleansers
How to use Step 1: Moisten face with water, apply 1-2 pumps of cleanser and massage into a light lather. Rinse well with water.
For maximum benefits follow with a thin application of Treatment Gel and use Clarity Wand as needed.
Ingredients Water/Aqua/Eau, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Alcohol Denat., PEG-12 Dimethicone, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Extract, Bisabolol, Salicylic Acid, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Triethanolamine, Methylisothiazolinone, Methylchloroisothiazolinone.
Skin Concerns Oil and Blemish Control, Visible Pores
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As soon as I bought Intraceuticals Clarity Sensitive Gel Cleanser I went straight to my bathroom to use this beautiful product. I now have been using this for about a week and it totally makes my skin feel so lovely and clean. I dont mind how it smell, it is a added bonus. It doesn't dry my skin. I would totally recommend this product to any women who wishes there skin feel worth the money spent. It is a light non grease gel. It totally made my skin not as red or blotchy. Thank You!!. (INTRACEUTICALS).
JACQUI - ★★★★
Usually i am not drawn to a product based solely on something i read....i like to try / feel / see it before i fork out my hard earned on something....but i did get this after reading a story online a while back,and frankly,i am so glad i did. Intraceuticals is a brand that closes the gap between "nice feeling " cosmetics and "active ingredient " pharmaceuticals,making for one truly great brand. I always start with a cleanser when i try a new skincare line,and this one was the one i chose.So,how did it measure up ? Well,the first thing i loved was the fact that it contained salicylic all might recognise that as the ingredient that helps blast away breakouts,but it also helps to gently rid skin of excess dead cells by exfoliating (and that means a dewy,beautiful glow).In full disclosure,i do get a breakout once a month,right on schedule,and this helped clear that up pretty quickly.I carn't speak about results on more severe,cystic acne,so no promises on what it will do for those of you with that type of skin type,but for my skin issues,it helped to lessen the duration and severity of those painful chin eruptions.Then i loved the fact that this is SLS free (Sulphates.They are usually added to help with that foaming action...but they dry skin out something shocking).The gel consistency of this cleanser feels wonderful on the skin (and in the hands),the delicate fragrance (hard to describe,but "summer at the pool" comes to mind) is a sensory pleasure,and the low foaming action really does deeply cleanse and remove makeup (even that pesky longwear lip stain was whisked off without any "rub a tug tugging ").I do a double cleanse every night,and even with that,my skin kept a soft,comfortable "cleansed but not stripped" hint of that uncomfortable "dried out,skin tightening" after feel (which is fantastic when you love a bit of suds in your cleanser as i do,BUT are on the drier side of things...especially in winter) and my skin felt ready to take on the bext step in my nightly routine..And what of the casing that houses this little gem ? Well,it's a beautiful,royal blue pump action bottle,with a clever pop-up design that means when you take this pump bottle with you on the road, you won't need to worry about spillage (and if you are like me,and do your routine in the shower,it won't spill and leave you in tears). Now,i know that for 50ml,splurging $40 on this may seem a bit extravagant,BUT...only a tiny amount (two pumps was enough) is needed to get a thorough cleanse,it does do triple duty for your skin (cleanse / exfoliate / clear up blemishes) ,so you may be able to save on those,PLUS it truly does suit just about all skin types (not just young.problem skin),making this a pretty good investment (and after all,you only get one skin,so you best treat it with some love). TIP:Apply a tiny drop to breakouts and leave on reduces the redness and swelling brilliantly.
I wear makeup everyday so a good cleanser is very important to me. To me a good cleanser must do a good job in removing the remaining makeup/ sunscreen on my face without drying out my skin. I usually do double cleanse ensuring my face is clean. The intraceutical gel cleanser ticks all the boxes for me. I have dry skin and the cleanser works for me.
DEBBIE - ★★★★
I am fairly new to this brand but I absolutely loved this intraceuticals gel cleanser. So easy to use, it foams up beautifully and rinses off clear with ease. I loved the fresh clean feeling I got with this cleanser, its really great for deep cleaning and removing dead skin cells for rejuvenation. It is not at all harsh or drying on the skin so is great for those with sensitive skin. This really gets into pores to prevent breakouts and control oil, so great for acne prone skin. I love the fresh summer scent and the addition of salicylic acid for perfect exfoliation. I felt its quite good value for money as it foams up well and cleans with ease meaning not a lot is needed for a great result. This is perfect for removing hard to budge makeup and skin feels super soft, smooth and hydrated after use. overall a really great gently cleanser that I highly recommend.